Friday, 7 June 2013

Everybody loves music!

Everybody loves music!

This week, we are discussing song writing tips and how we apply some of them to our own music!

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Here are some of the tips we covered.

1. If you've already got a chord sequence you're happy with for part of a song but are struggling with where to go next, try reversing the chord order.
2. If you always write with a keyboard, pick up a guitar for a change and see if that sets you off in a different direction.
3. Keep a list of prospective song titles on your wall.
4. Try a different time signature for a change.
5. Listen to as many of other peoples' songs as you can.
6. Analyze your favorite songs and construct exercises around them.
7. Always carry a notebook when you're out.
8. If you usually write songs with a lot of chords in them, try restricting yourself to just three and see what you can squeeze out of a limited set of options. Conversely, if your songs never have more than three chords in them, try writing one with six.
9. Decide where you're going to keep your songwriting notes and keep them there.
10. Every songwriter should know that a commercial song has to have a hook.

Hope these were helpful. 

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